A 460% Multiple Trading Malarkey

Posted on September 21, 2012 by  

Hot off the press is the latest video from the Trading Football boys.

Here we see the inplay master, Bingo Little, trading outside the box using his Multiple Malarkey strategy which combines the Betfair multiples coupon with inplay match odds and correct scores trading.

This is a strategy that we will soon be adding to our sister site www.bettingsystemnotes.com for free to all members.

Video content and educational tools are what both sites really are about on the site.

For example each video (we are into double figures with the now), is of premium quality with careful step by step explanation of the strategy scenario, entry and exit points and invaluable tips & pointers as each trade unfolds. It is like having a professional trader, right there, in the room with you.

So settle back and watch/listen to Bingo at work……

Here is the prelude video to the trade itself as well….

Oh and here’s some other recent Green Room action too….

Like what you see? Well come and take a look……


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