72 Is The Magic Number

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Well it is common knowledge that 72 is my favourite number, why else feature it in the name of the internet’s bestest risk free betting website.

However I now have another reason to love 72, 72% Return on Investment that is, thanks to my favourite strategy from the Betting System Notes software, The Adster Apperitif.

Last night’s Man City v Juve fitted the bill for the strategy perfectly, so we staked up on the 2-1 (£30) and 2-2 (£6) scorelines with some insurance on the under 1.5 goals market (£10), in case goals did not come before half time.

However fear not, the goals arrived and I initially reduced my overall exposure by laying off some of the big green amounts on the 2-1 and 2-2 scores, after each goal. By halftime I was green across all the scores, with still a bigger amount showing on the 2-1 and 2-2. Waited for the 2nd half to unfold but then just took the profit on offer across all the scores. Naturally my £10 insurance was gone but had locked in £45+ on the correct scores which after commission gave me just over £33 overall profit.


Consider my initial investment of £46 then that is a staggering 72% ROI, wow. Now you can see why I love these strategies so much.

This strategy is perfect for traders of all levels of experience and we have it fully documented in the software along with some extra exclusive videos too. Oh yeah there are 9 other proven money making ones in the set too, talk about a no brainer for £35.

So if you like what you see and want to part of 72% ROI gang, then click below and get your copy today……

Betting System Notes


3 Comments on "72 Is The Magic Number"

  1. Chris on Tue, 12th Oct 2010 3:22 pm 

    Hi – I’ve purchased the Betting Notes software and like the thinking behind the strategies. Reading your post here, I can’t help but be drawn to the v. large Green that is shown on your screenshot for what would be the 1-0 scoreline (£1,996.14). I don’t understand how that could happen with the Adster Aperitif strategy that you’re following – could you explain what’s happened to cause that? Thanks

  2. Darren Hall on Tue, 12th Oct 2010 3:50 pm 

    Yeah, sorry that does look a bit odd. I actually had another offer that I was running against this market and had covered the 1-0 on this. I was actually looking for a better price than on offer and managed to get the bet taken at 1000 after the second goal had gone in as I had the bet on resubmit after suspension via Bet Angel, doh!

  3. Chris on Tue, 12th Oct 2010 11:34 pm 

    thought it looked like something like that! Thanks for the explanation.

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