2010 Nuggets

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We have had a fantastic response to our recent advertising of the Nugget Crew Football Trading service.

At bet72.com we are all particularly excited about this latest venture as we genuinely feel this is a great opportunity for everyone to make some good steady profits throughout the year.

In working with The Nugget Crew, we have two of the leading professional football traders at our disposal so we all have the opportunity to develop and nurture some very profitable football trading strategies together.

These boys are well known to our members of the bet72 membership site and have provided some invaluable content, free trading strategy guide book, many videos and live webinars over the last few weeks.

They have demonstrated the importance of determining a strategy that fits the criteria of a selected match, is adaptable when the game is “in-play” and has various exit points for closing both a winning and possible losing trade. Correct Score markets, Match Odds and Under/Over 2.5 goal markets are the most popular markets as evidenced by the amount of liquidity available. But they show how trading different markets in the same match can produce dividends. It’s a balancing act that requires knowledge of the movements of odds in markets that are mutually linked to each other. These boys really show what can be done by with a little out of the box thinking.

If you want a little flavour of the Nugget Boys, they have kindly allowed us to show one of their videos from their Nugget Collection below, really does make you think what can be done. And with World Cup year almost upon us, plus live football of some sort on virtually every single day of the week, getting some niche trading strategies in your toolbox could be a very profitable weapon to have, I have been picking up plenty of green screens lately that is for sure.

XT Starter One Strategy

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The collection retails at £39.99 for 8 or £59.99 for the full set of 13 strategies, you can check out the full list of videos and some further sneak previews over at the boy’s site:


And as if that isn’t enough of a bargain well these chaps a fantastic offer for all bet72 readers, an exclusive 10% discount, just drop me a line at darren@bet72.com and I can sort out this exclusive extra saving for you with the Nugget boys. Oh by the way Bet72 Members get a 20% discount on the collection, how good is that, click here to find out more about that service.. Just another perk of being a bet72 member!

Hold on there is more. The boys have another exclusive for us at bet72, just drop me an email saying “Show Me The Nuggets” and I can forward you a copy of their Nugget Green Football Trading Book, packed with trading strategies and ideas to launch anyone into the profitable world of football trading, remember you cannot get this anywhere else!


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