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This Saturday’s combined Scoop6 win and bonus funds is expected to reach £4 million! It’s not been won since Royal Ascot so I think it is about we helped relieve them of some of that cash.

The Win fund starts at over £2m and the bonus fund is almost £900,000 at the time of typing and both these totals will grow and grow with Totesport predicting a win fund of around £2.8 MILLION and throw in the bonus then it will exceed £4 MILLION!

Of course you need a massive slice of luck to win it. But on the basis that you have got to be in it to win it, this is one prize worth having a punt at so I have decided to organise a little Bet72 syndicate once again.

Just to keep things simple and so that everyone gets a place I have decided to fix the price at just £5 per share and you can buy as many shares as you want i.e. £5 gets you 1 share, £10 gets you 2 shares £15 = 3 etc…etc…

All you need to do is just send your payment via PAYPAL to by 12 Noon on Saturday 13th September (please include your full name and best contact email address in the comments box when making the payment too). The paypal receipt will be your proof of payment along with the account statement I will have on the account so if you wish to confirm your entry just let me know and I will check it has all be received ok but this should all be automatic.

I will then purchase the necessary number of tickets and will round the amount up to the next required level personally if required.

Plus if there is an extra £100,000 added if it is won by a Betfred customer so the bet will be placed via the Betfred site.

And even we fail to pick 6 winners, getting 6 placed horses would win a share of the consolation fund.

The actual bet will be placed at 1PM on Saturday and a screenshot of the slip/ slips will again be posted via our social media sites.

The selections will be decided by a mixture of suggestions from people involved in the syndicate, outside knowledgeable sources and but ultimately my final decision. So if you have any NAPs, hot tips or suggestions please send them in and I can try to include the most popular ones but again my decision will be final but the races involved are:

Leg 1 – 2:20 Chester
Leg 2 – 2:40 Doncaster
Leg 3 – 3:50 Doncaster
Leg 4 – 4:25 Doncaster
Leg 5 – 4:40 Leopardstown
Leg 6 – 5:00 Doncaster

Once we are successful…(ha ha)….all winnings will be calculated and fully paid within 7 days back to the Paypal account used to buy your entry.

Hopefully that all makes sense and of course if you have any questions whatsoever then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

And if you know anyone who might be interested in this then please feel free to forward on this email who be great to have as many people in this as possible.

Remember this is just a bit of fun and a massive longshot but you never know.

And if you fancy a crack yourself or maybe even want to organise your own syndicate then just click below for all the details you need to know….


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