Maxing Out On The World Cup

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The 2022 World Cup kicks off on Sunday 20th November, yes No bloody vember, with the hosts, that power house of world football, Qatar against Equator.

Deep breath Darren, it is what it is, so the very least we can all do is make a few quid out of it all. Fortunately the bookmakers have caught the World Cup fever too, with a shed load of offers, free bets & bonuses.

Throughout the tournament we will be posting up all the offers, having daily roundup videos, hosting competitions, live broadcasts and much much more, so keep it Bet72 & make Qatar 2022 your most profitable month ever.

So to get the ball rolling here are a few quick tips to getting prepared for the month ahead….

Join A Matched Betting Service

Our recommendation is OddsMonkey. The power is in the collective so surround yourself with like minded people who are proven to be making money day in day out from matched betting. OddsMonkey also have an unrivalled set of software, tools, tutorials and support. Review these strategies & guides, bookmark the key forum threads, setup new info alerts and you won’t got far wrong. The service is insane value and is the biggest no brainer in terms of time saving & downright value. Just do it! – click here


Get Your Exchanges Ready

BetfairBetdaqSmarkets & Matchbook are the 4 main players in the betting exchange market and whilst Betfair still dominates the scene, the others are all very viable alternatives when it comes to matched betting. Take advantage of their reduced commission (0% deals are available for OddsMonkey members) and regular existing user offers, especially Matchbook who have a cracking new sign up offer here

Have A Sweep Of Your Accounts

Good time to ensure all your existing bookmaker accounts are all in order i.e. accessible, uptodate contact details (as bookies will be sending offers directly via email & text throughout the tournament) and all have correct payment info. There will be so much going on that this will give you one less thing to worry about and also if your details aren’t correct then how are they ever going to be able to contact you with more offers?

Opening New Accounts

We would advise anyone to get these done in advance so you are good to go and ready to jump on any offers throughout the tournament. Some offers are detailed and posted well in advance but others, especially around some of the higher profile matches could be posted out of the blue and maybe time limited, so having an account at the ready will mean you can get onboard straight away & not miss out.

Check our full list of current sign up offers here

Also with such a big event on the go then there are some even juicier sign Up offers and of course we are all over them – click here for the latest enhanced offers

Plus the latest existing user offers for the World Cup are on our dedicated page here (updated everytime we find a new offer before and during the tournament) 

Social Media

The quickest and easiest way see all the latest news. We will be posting, tweeting and commenting across tournament, so follow us on Twitter here, we also have a Bookie Tweets page which collates all the bookmaker social media content too and a trading news wall from our trusted trading partner sites here with so you can see all the latest info you ever need in one handy place

We also host a Bet72 support Facebook User Group here

This is an extra resource of like minded people all sharing ideas to help each other make a few extra quid plus there is direct support from myself, Darren Hall. I have decided to open this group up for the duration of the World Cup to help as many people as I can get access to whatever resources they need. So send a join request here and I’ll get you added in

Also I will be recording daily round up videos, vlogs and much more so do bookmark our Youtube channel here and our dedicated media site, and you will get to see me & hear me in all my glory!

Manage Your Bank

Keeping on top of your money is essential. Document everything you do so you can keep track of where your cash is at anytime. Again OddsMonkey have tools & spreadsheets to help with this. It is also important to operate within the constraints of your bank, focus on the most profitable offers and get those done first. Remember Outright markets like the Overall Winner & Golden Boot will not settle until after the final on 15th July so money will be tied up until then, so if your bank is limited then be careful of these markets especially as a lot of the selections will be at high odds. Look to combine your liabilities by covering multiple selections in these markets via multiple offers to help you bank go further.

Just Ask

There is no such thing as a stupid question so make the most of the resources above or just drop me a line at anytime. I will either provide you the answer or point you in the direction of someone who can.

Enjoy it

This should be a fantastic few weeks coming up. Obviously the World Cup will dominate proceedings but there is plenty of other sporting events taking place with offers to boot! Not to mention numerous casino / games offers & plenty more we don’t even know about yet. So let’s make this the most profitable month ever but also let’s enjoy this real treat of sporting action from right around the world, although I must remember this is a World Cup and England are involved….ummm.

It’s Coming Home! (well the free money is at least)

All the best



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