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Posted on March 7, 2009 by would like to spread some love at this time of year and what better way than with the opportunity to collect £300 in free bets or how about £100 guaranteed cash. Welcome to the world of spread betting.

Yes spread betting firm Sporting Index has upped its free bet offer to £300 (or a £100 cash back) until 23rd March so there has never been a better time to enter the world of spread betting. The other great thing also about Sporting Index is that they have regular offers for existing users too which have proved very profitable in the past, some of the games offers have been very lucrative over the last few months, so this is highly recommended.

If you don’t know about spread betting, then don’t worry, we can explain everything.

Briefly, a spread firm will price up sometimes over 100 markets for certain events, like major football matches, and you will find most sports covered to varying degrees. As a quick example, let’s look at a recent total corners market:

Sporting Index set that market at 10-10.5 corners. What that means, is that if you felt that there would be less than 10 corners in the match, you would sell @ 10, or if you thought that there would be more than 10.5 corners, you would buy @ 10.5. Let’s say that you staked £10 per corner, and there were 12 corners in the game. If you had sold @ 10, then you would lose 2x£10, while if you had bought, you would win 1.5 times your £10 stake.

We also have this handy guide to spread betting that Sporting Index has compiled for us to show some of the popular markets you can use.

Click Here to Download It Now

Ok, here is some more info on the offer…..

Sporting Index are offering a £300 Total Goals bet OR £100 cash straight into your account, once you place the required number of qualifying bets. For this, you need to place a minimum of 5 bets with a liability of at least £20. Or, if you prefer Horse Racing, Rugby Union or League, Cricket or Golf, you can place an equivalent free bet on these sports, instead of football.

People tend to shy away from spread betting thinking that it is complicated and dangerous to do. Well to be honest we have found this one of the easiest offers ever as all you are doing is matching the buy and sell amount each time at close (usually exact matched) prices.

Step one is to get signed up and ready to go, using the links below, to ensure you qualify for the offer:

Here is the link:

Sporting Index

Then drop us a line at to find out more details about this fantastic deal.


11 Comments on "Free £300 Bet at SportingIndex"

  1. digger on Sat, 7th Mar 2009 11:35 am 

    hi darren i have just signed up to sporting index but have no knowledge of spreadbetting., any chance you can guide me on the bets

  2. Darren Hall on Sat, 7th Mar 2009 11:56 am 

    OK Digger, I will drop you an email with all the details

  3. decologne on Sat, 7th Mar 2009 4:03 pm 

    Hi Darren,
    I tried to sign up from Germany.
    But though they only seem to restrict business with the US when signing up they only offer the options “Ireland” and “UK” in the adress field. Could you check / confirm please?

  4. Darren Hall on Sun, 8th Mar 2009 9:06 am 

    Nothing in the T&C’s about outside the UK, best to contact them Lothar and find out what is happening.

  5. Daymo on Wed, 11th Mar 2009 9:22 am 

    Hi all,

    Having problem getting paid on the Jan offer.

    Followed all T and Cs but they are saying that the offer must be claimed within one month not two as they state openly in their T and Cs. Just make sure you check all.

    wrote to Darren who thinks it was a 2 month claim window as well.

  6. decologne on Wed, 11th Mar 2009 2:28 pm 

    Finally got my account opened. A bit complicated so it took three days to register but it is open to Europeans too.

  7. Darren Hall on Wed, 11th Mar 2009 4:18 pm 

    Daymo – I have found the old T&C’s it was one month, seem to change this for the £300 offers, this is only the second one they have had.

    Decologne – Good stuff, good to see everyone can get onboard with this one!

  8. shawmhor on Wed, 11th Mar 2009 10:06 pm 

    Darren any chance you could drop me the details on how to do this offer as well, have signed up now and am unsure which offer to take.

  9. Mark Brier on Fri, 13th Mar 2009 1:14 pm 

    Hi There,

    This sounds great but I am unsure how to do this offer, can you please email me details on how to maximise profit.

    Ta, Mark

  10. Matt on Mon, 6th Apr 2009 9:55 pm 

    Hi Darren, wondered whether you could send me the email as well please? Cheers, great website!

  11. Rick on Wed, 24th Oct 2012 7:54 am 

    Hi Darren, love your site. A question similar to above about how these free bets work at Sporting Index& how to lay against them :

    a) Does the £300 free bet mean they give a buy bet at £/point that has a max. loss for me of £300 ? for instance if spread is 2.8-3, i buy at 3 for £100/point on total goals giving a max loss of £300?
    b) then how do you arb or sell a spread against this ? Have seen in blogs that there are spreadsheets available or is there a Free bet arb calculator for spreads around ?


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