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Here’s another bookmaker that you may not have used yet, 188BET and they have a great sign up free bet offer.

You may have spotted their banners around the touchlines of various Premiership grounds they have sponsorship deals with the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool, Aston Villa, Everton, Wigan and Bolton.

Well now add 188BET to that list of partners, as they now have a cracking little sign up offer, a risk free £25 first bet.  Yes lose your first bet and you will get it back, upto a maximum of £25, risk free betting at its finest!

We have really hit the ground running with these guys and bet72 visitors have been locking in risk free profits left, right and centre. Just imagine watching a game, safe in the knowledge that you already have a few risk free pound notes profit whatever the outcome from a single bet.

So to make a start just click  188BET to get signed up…..

Then the next part is upto you really. You can take as a risk free punt (knowing that you will get the first £25 stake back if you lose) or, being bet72, we can lock in some risk free profit very nicely on this one.

The key is to underlay the bet on the exchange so that if the bet does win then whilst you won’t get the refund, you lose less at the exchange and have locked in a profit. But if the bet loses you will win some cash on the exchange and your free £25 stake returned by 188BET, so you will lock-in a profit that way, brilliant!

We have just added them onto ODDSMATCHER too so you can find your own bets.

For example……

Wolfsburg v Borussia Monchengladbach, Bundesliga, 25/02/11 – 7:30PM

BACK DRAW at 188BET with £25 at odds of 3.55

LAY DRAW at BETFAIR with £17.00 at odds of 3.8 (you will need £47.60 in Betfair to cover this bet)

If it is a draw then you will win £63.75 at 188BET and lose £47.60 at Betfair for an overall profit of £16.15.  You won’t qualify for a refund but that doesn’t matter as you have locked in a guaranteed profit.


If not then you will lose your £25 stake at 188BET but win £16.15 (after 5% commission) at Betfair, leaving you £8.85 down but your initial £25 will be refunded by 188BET again giving an overall profit of £16.15 brilliant!

Don’t worry if you have missed this one, for your own slice of instant profit heaven just drop us a line at and we can send you some futher examples.

Here is the link you need to use to sign up to get the free bet offer…..

Note:  It is recommended that you use Moneybookers or Neteller for this deposit as they do impose a $20 withdrawal charge back to your bank.  If you would like a referral link for either of these accounts please email and you will be able to claim an extra bonus too!

Here are the details from the site……

1. To get your free bet, email with your User Name, the Bet ID, and Promotion code ‘NU125’

2. This promotion is only available to new 188BET customers based in the UK & EU

3. If your first settled bet is a losing bet, your 188BET account will be credited with your losing stake up to a value of £25 / €30. Winning bets are not eligible for this promotion.

4. Your account will be credited within 7 days of your claim.

5. The first settled bet on your account is the qualifying bet.

6. Closing date midnight 9th September 2012

“Settled” means a bet that has been fully accepted by 188BET in a market that has been settled on a result with all due winnings paid out.

* Your risk is the amount of your stake.


5 Comments on "Instant Risk Free Profits"

  1. Peter on Fri, 12th Mar 2010 6:30 am 

    Darren is 188Bet partner friendly ? Can’t find any mention in t and c’s

  2. Peter on Mon, 15th Mar 2010 5:49 am 

    Checked ‘Big Free Bet List’ … partner friendly , second £25 coming up if it is a draw/draw half time/full time tonights Liverpool v Portsmouth 🙂

  3. Joe on Sat, 7th Aug 2010 12:11 pm 

    Sounds good, but if I get the “refund” from Bet188, can I withdraw it straight away? Or I have to use the £25 for a number of times before I can withdraw? I can’t find this info in theri T & C

  4. Anders Carlstrom on Thu, 14th Oct 2010 3:06 pm 

    I feel very cheated. They excluded non UK citicens from this offer. That is awful…

  5. Anders Carlstrom on Sun, 17th Oct 2010 2:08 pm 

    I just want to tell that 188Bet granted me the bonus after me having complained about it. It is realy a fine gesture of good will and shows that they listen to their customers.
    So, my first comment here was maybe a little to early and an overreaction. I can only say that 188Bet has great customerservice and a very polite attitude. It is of course my reponsibility to read the terms and conditions before I go to action. That is also my advice to everybody: Allways check the T&C for changes. Thank you for your time.
    AC. ATTENTION! It is important that BET72 changes the info about this bonus if it still does not goes to EU citizens!

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