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More good news for all OddsMonkey Premium users, especially if you’re a fan of 0% commission betting exchanges and come on, who isn’t a fan of those.

Yes another one of OddsMonkey’s brilliant commission free collaboration offers have been extended, This time it is Matchbook.

So instead of expiring on 30th June you can now enjoy the beauty that is commission free betting exchange markets until 31st January 2020.

Every single bet, back or lay at any odds will be settled commission free.

This is the ultimate no brainer as the cost of OddsMonkey Premium is just £17.99 (that is of course for full access to all their tools, strategies, offers, spreadsheets, profit tracker & unbeatable support forum – see here) so just settling £900 in net win bets over the course of a month on Matchbook at 0% as opposed to 2%, will save you £18 in commission alone, which covers the cost of the subscription.

Any active matched bettor or indeed regular betting exchange user will know this will take no time hit just playing the regular risk free offers and with access to some much more via OddsMonkey then this will just snowball. By being a member you will get word of every single offer going & the more you offers you do the more you will be making (& saving) and so on and so on. In fact even if you aren’t matched betting having commission free lay bets is great offer in itself.

And don’t forget OddsMonkey currently have 0% deals for Betdaq & Smarkets too, so really nobody should be paying a betting exchange anything at all for the next few months!

Plus we are entering the busiest time of the year for sporting events and likewise for bookmaker offers so like we say, this is the ultimate no brainer.

Here is how to get your commission free account…

If you’ve already opted in to the previous 0% deal:

If you’re already taking advantage of this amazing offer, then you don’t need to do a thing, you’ll automatically be opted in, so relax!

If you haven’t got an OddsMonkey Premium account yet:

Click Here

If you already have a Matchbook account but haven’t opted in:

If you already have a Matchbook account, but you haven’t opted in to get 0% commission, please email with your OddsMonkey Premium & Matchbook usernames to take advantage of the offer.

If you don’t have a Matchbook account and wish to opt in:

If you don’t have a Matchbook account, you can sign up by clicking here (and you’ll get a risk free first £10 bet too) and then email with your OddsMonkey Premium & Matchbook usernames to take advantage of the offer.

And which route you take, congratulations you can now enjoy 0% commission until 31st January 2020



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