30th November

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Unfortunately an untimely bout of “Man Flu” and general all round sit on my fat arse-y-ness has meant I have neglected my blog duties for the last few days. But where I could I have picked up as much extra risk free cash as I could and, in the words, of a wannabe z-list celeb who has just been booted off a z-rated show….

Here are my highlights of the rest of the month…..

Another reload bonus offer over at Vernons netted a massive £2 profit but got me 16 free pools tickets spread over the next 8 weeks so if you don’t hear from me you
will know what has happened.

Bet24 dropped a free fiver into my account, which I got out for £4.52 profit and also gave me a free £6 Champions League Livebet, so another £3.80 there (the odds were
pretty dire, but a profit is a profit!)

Out of the blue got a free £20 offer code from Coral, I do like the unexpected ones, anyway that was good for £16.21 overall profit so not complaining here.

A cheeky £10 bonus from Betclic too, turned over once in the casino to claim it and wagered out on the weekend footy, netted another £7.31

Completed the “Tango Down” arcade promotion over at Betfair, turned my £20 bonus into £32.76 after a bit of slots action, well sometimes you have to do these things.

Almost forgot the month reload casino bonuses over at Eurobet. Made a monster £2 profit on Roulette and a slightly better £6.75 on BJ.

Locked in another £5.82 profit thanks to the Saturday SJ happy hour offer on Peddlers Cross, got a nice arb out of that one.

Panbet, blimey not used them for a while, sent me a free £25 correct score bet offer on the weekend’s footy, £15.24 secured from that deal.

Picked up a £8.52 profit thanks to the 888Sport “El Clásico” First Goalscorer offer and picked up a free £5 mobile bet too, not cashed it yet but will add £4 to the
pot in leui of this one!

Finally got around to using my free £5 Tombola bingo, which I have been touting all month, £17.76 profit from mine, woah. See even bingo offers (especially free ones) are worth a second look sometimes.

A couple more arbs over the week boosted my bank by another £17.43 (a nice little extra that you can find when searching for your bets for offers) so we ended the month with another £144.12, giving us a very healthy £255.93, which is winging it’s way to The Geek to pass on as I type.

Round up total…… £144.12

Overall Total……. £255.93

So there we have it, £255.93 profit from just EXISTING USER offers and all done risk free, in just 10 days or so and I did miss 2 or 3 days through illness as well.

Remember I signed up to no new accounts here, all of the offers were available to me for already having an account with the bookies in question. Honestly no reason at all why anyone can’t pick several hundred pounds each and every month from these types of offers.

So again, I have said this many, many times before, seriously, get onto the homepage at www.bet72.com and grab as many accounts as you can, get the sign up profits (over £1500 profit in there alone) and the rest will come to you!

Sorry sales pitch over but in these troubled financial times even a percentage of this risk free cash can really help each month.

Just remains for me to say I have been delighted to have done this and all for a great cause. OK I am just clicking the mouse and the calculator buttons and the real stars of the event was The Geek and everyone connected with his site, well done everyone. And I look forward to the next one.

To find out everything ended with the auctionsthen get over to:


Plus to grab yourself a copy of the free trading platform it’s all on the homepage www.geekstoy.com head for the bright, shiny download button and start trading, for FREE, today.


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