The Alex Buchanan Diary – 16/04/09

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Not my usual blog this week, as I am having a much needed break in the sun, but here is something to mull over in the meantime……………………… So Who Exactly Is Bodo Glimt? Actually, the question should be “who are they?”, as the European football experts amongst you will know that they are a Norwegian side who finished 4th in their... Read More...

The Alex Buchanan Diary – 06/04/09

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Domestic Effort Costs Plenty It’s a job that was probably a year overdue. The missus would disagree, she would say that it was two years overdue, but no matter, my daughter and I decided that Wednesday would be a good day to take on the task of clearing out our garage. How fitting that it was April 1st! To be fair, if you needed anything that wasn’t... Read More...

The Alex Buchanan Diary – 28/03/09

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The Longest Minute Occasionally it’s the 45th, but it’s almost always the 90th minute which is comfortably, or uncomfortably, the longest minute in football. On average, it lasts for about 3 minutes more than any normal minute should, so 4 in total, and sometimes in the event of a long stoppage, it can be a good few more than that. So, it’s not... Read More...

The Alex Buchanan Diary – 21/03/09

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Follow friend of bet72, Alex, as he guides you through some of his proven betting and trading strategies….. 21st March 2009 Hello, Alex here. I’ve been testing a number of betting and trading strategies since August 2008, with a view to finding one or more systems which prove consistently successful month on month. I have filtered out the... Read More...