It Feels Like Christmas Is Coming Already!

August 3, 2011 by  
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We have some very big news coming very soon over at our sister site, a new piece of software that will revolutionise the way you trade football matches forever. Nicknamed “MarketMatcher” the software will find potential trades on the day’s inplay football on Betfair by matching our proven profitable trading... Read More...

This Offer Won’t Last Forever

July 28, 2011 by  
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One of the unsung benefits of Secret Betting Club membership is the ability to access our vast archive of betting strategies, tipster reviews and tipster results tables. You’ll find reviews of big name tipping services such as Pricewise Extra and discover the hidden gems that let their results do the talking. You’ll also discover betting strategies... Read More...

The Lego Apprentice Is Back

July 22, 2011 by  
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Yes it’s that time of year again. Lord Sugar, Nick, Karen and The Lego Apprentice…. It is back in all it’s glory, along with a few highlights from previous years. We can’t get enough of these. The Apprentice 2011 Week 11 – You’re Caraca’s Lord S gets to do what he was trying to do last week; sack Natasha.. Week... Read More...

Here’s An Offer You Can’t Refuse

July 8, 2011 by  
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When it comes to strategic betting then there is only one man you need to know. The Godfather of the strategy bet, Big Mike Marsland. We have been enjoying his wonderful service for sometime here at bet72 and for July he’s making you an offer you can’t refuse. Here it is straight from the horse’s head, I mean mouth….. Could... Read More...

Building Your Own Betting Systems

July 2, 2011 by  
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Good friend of bet72 and self confessed horse racing system nut, Matt Bisogno, has just released an excellent snapshot into the world of creating your own systems. As he puts it “the best betting betting system… is the one you made”. Matt’s latest ‘how to’ video features some of his students from one of his training workshops,... Read More...

It’s Bigger On The Inside

July 1, 2011 by  
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I have got my video software cranked up again and here is a little glimpse of what lies within the holy grail of software websites (ok slightly biased view there), So grab a cup of something, pull up a comfy chair and watch a 15 minute video that will change the way you manage your systems and lead you towards those screens... Read More...

Get Ready To Take The Winning Approach

June 23, 2011 by  
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On Friday 24.6.2011 at 12 pm good friend of bet72 Jon Burgess (yes he of False Favourites fame) will be launching his new betting portfolio (The-Winning-Approach) This fantastic investment opportunity contains dozens of Profitable Backing & Laying Systems and profitable Trainer Profiles. All of these pro betting strategies will enable you to make... Read More...

A Big Free GiveAway

June 20, 2011 by  
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Friend of bet72 “Big” Mike Marsland has just released one of the greatest betting giveaways we have seen in a long time (and we do see a few here at bet72). It’s a 142 page ebook which is a Strategic Betting Masterclass including 17 of his most profitable bets and trading strategies. The book champions the man’s principle and... Read More...

Under 21’s = Over £42 Profit

June 15, 2011 by  
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Anytime, anyplace, anywhere. It really doesn’t matter, you can make a profit if you have the right underlying strategy. And whilst many people think the football season is over and we just have a few dead end games with nothing going on, they couldn’t be more wrong. If there is some green to be had the strategies over at Read More...

Big Mike = Big Profits

June 15, 2011 by  
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Well Day One of Royal Ascot was certainly one to remember and especially for the members of Big Mike’s Betting Service. Whilst I didn’t do all the advised selections I managed to get on a couple. So combined with the free bets, arbs and trading ended the day with a very healthy green bank. Over to you Big Mike…. Hi Darren In keeping... Read More...

Extra. Extra. Read All About It

June 13, 2011 by  
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We all want a bit extra don’t we, well over at our sister site, we have extras coming out of our ears! Yes we are delighted to announce we have now added a new “bonus” section to the site. Here we will include exclusive additional content, hints, tips and offers for all members. To kick this off we have uploaded... Read More...

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