Game, Set and Profits

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When it comes to trading and making a profit it is not only football & horse racing that we like to use.

In fact one of the most overlooked sports for trading on is Tennis.

Well fear not as we have just the product for you as there is never been a better time to get familiar with all the strategies and ideas, so you are all ready for the tennis year ahead.

And you cannot do better than taking a look at with good friend of bet72, Tradeshark and his excellent Tennis Trading Guide.

The guide contains everything you need to get started including…..

– 2 strategies suitable for new tennis traders

– Several other strategies to suit different match situations

– All strategies include a video of me using them for a profit

– General advice section on tennis trading

– Daily tips and summaries of upcoming matches. Email me if you want a summary of a particular match

– Unlimited email support and advice

– Members Only In Play Chatroom

– Player notes on the top 50 ATP and WTA players

– Statistics spreadsheets for all ATP and WTA players with FREE updates


Here is one of Tradesharks early videos showing a very basic trading strategy that still yields good results now….

So to get your hands on a copy for just £29, just click below.

And do drop us a line if you need any further info and questions you have or even just to boast about your profits!



for just £39 you can receive the guide and all the usual membership benefits plus 1 months access to the TradeShark Daily Trading Advice Email

and when you consider that there are 64 matches on the first 2 days of the US Open alone then this is a crazy price….


Just click on any of the images above to find out more.

Racing Traders Are On The Road Again

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Sports Trading Software company RacingTraders have released more dates for their very popular one day Horse Racing Trading Course.

This time the boys will be in Birmingham, Glasgow & Dublin and for a very limited time they have a very special offer…..

Book Now and receive our full online video course completely free – VALUE £199 – Learn at your own pace – 22 Exclusive videos – More videos added each month – Video course worth £199

The dates for your diary are:

Birmingham – 19th August 2017

Glasgow – 26th August 2017

Dublin – 9th September 2017

The course is led by Tony Hargraves, aka The Badger, one of the leading UK based professional traders and here he is to tell us more…..

What is the Racing Traders Course?

An eight year trading experience, condensed into one day to show you the best way to get started, then improve, then specialise, then succeed. It will involve time, patience, effort, commitment, desire. It will frustrate you, test you, punish you, and reward you.

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is aimed at beginners to trading and to those people who want to look at taking their recreational trading activities to a higher level. It is suitable for beginners to intermediate bettors and traders familiar with betting terms and how a betting exchange operates.

Here’s the itinerary for the day:

Event Schedule

We have a packed day to show you how to make a full-time income trading….


Registration & Coffee – Coffee & breakfast snacks with registration and a good opportunity to meet other attendees.

9:30 – 12:00 : TRADING ROOM

Foundation Principles of Trading

I will cover everything you need to know to begin trading on Betfair. We will look at scalping, swing trading, dutching, hedging, pre race, in play, and backing and laying with a view to trading out.

Examine discipline, money management, and the psychology of trading.

Research , Strategy , Discipline, Risk. Reasons for failure, value and probability.

Data points & websites to follow for key information on horses.

How to erase indecision. Know exactly what to do, how much to bet, and the precise time to act.

My exact strategy to make between £5 and £25 every race, by identifying signals & resistance points.

All the techniques I use in running.

The major reasons most punters fail… and how to avoid them!

The proper way to hedge for near zero-risk trading.

12:00 – 13:00 : RESTURANT

Lunch – We have you covered with a hot and cold buffet lunch.

13:00 – 15:00 : TRAINING ROOM

Live Trading Session 01

We get out the trading software and I will show you how it operates.

Hedging: What to do after a winning trade… how to hedge so you make a profit regardless of outcome.

When to “lay” and when to “back” for maximum returns.

Getting it wrong – What to do if the market goes against you, taking a small loss rather than a wipe out

In-running trading: looking at some of the “hidden whys” behind winning horses and losing horses… and how to tell the difference.

15:00 – 15:15 : BREAK-OUT ROOM

Coffee Break – Coffee, tea and soft drinks with some light snacks to keep us going.

15:15 – 17:00 : TRAINING ROOM

Live Trading Session 02 : We put everything we have covered so far into practice live on the horse racing!

17:30 – 19:00 : SPORTS BAR

After Event Drinks & Social

Get to know fellow attendees over a complimentary drink at a nearby sports bar. A great time to swap emails and social profiles to help each other continue to grow on your trading journey.

For more details and to book your place just click below and you can also collect that very special full video training pack at the same time….

Sports Trading Courses 2017


Back To School With Caan Berry

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Want to get started with sports trading on the betting exchanges?

Well Caan Berry is your man with his all new Beginners School.

Betfair trading education is crucial for beginners. From knowing nothing, to a basic understanding and more, he’s got it all covered.

Beginners school is designed to help you build the skills, knowledge and ability to make the first steps towards profitable trading on the betting exchanges. Jump straight in and get started below!

3 Principles of Winning

Trading is tougher than it sounds, but the with a little planning and perseverance, it’s quite possible. A winning trader needs to:

1. Maximise Profit
2. Limit Losses
3. Repeat Over

We believe a simple approach is always best. For that reason we’ve laid out a few steps to help you on your way, starting from nothing. Get started below!


Today’s Market Movers

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Check out the big movers of the day with the Market Movers section from Trading The Horses which lists the top steamers (horses being well backed) and top drifters (horses showing lack of support in the market) over the last 60 mins across the entire racecards of the day.

Just another great feature on the Trading The Horses the site and best of all it is free for everyone to use (no login required).



Just click below to see the latest live movers….


Introducing Trading The Horses

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How would you like to profit before a race starts?

Before the horses have entered the stalls?

Before the horses even come out onto the track?

Our preracing trading tool can do exactly that on the trading exchanges like Betfair/Betdaq.

TTH is a horse racing markets model based on probability theory and statistics.

The software uses prices in win markets and calculates relevant prices in place markets thus allowing users to spot mispriced events and profit from trading them before the race has started.

For ease of use TTH calculates all races for the day automatically.

Our automated pages show prices on Betfair along with graphs and price movement indicators, links to stats and bookie prices.

Members will be able to capitalise and take advantage of misaligned prices in the win and place markets.

A live feed showing all the bookmakers prices that can be used for arbing purposes is also on hand.

Make 2016 the year you start Trading The Horses.

And right now you can have unlimited access to the site, the software, pick the brains of the fulltime professionals and much, much more for just £20.

For just some of the recent successes do check out the social feeds below….



Just click below for all the details on how to get involved…..


The Big Caan Berry Trading Sale

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Ever fancied getting to grips with trading on Betfair well here’s your chance to get your hands on Caan Berry’s excellent Advanced Video Pack Course with a whopping £70 off

But hurry as this offer ends when the fat lady sings at 6pm on Sunday 4th June

Find out more about the man himself and follow his trading blog over at

Here’s Caan with a little bit more on what the products are all about…….


Advanced Video Pack Course

The Advanced Video Package is an incredibly powerful visual aide designed to help you anticipate market movements before they happen, identify and confirm them as they do, and then execute your trades efficiently in the moment while limiting risk.

What’s Included?

22 Module Course
96 video clips taken from my own day-to-day trading
11 Trading Checklists broken right down for you to follow

Caan explains his view on the markets through screen recordings of his own trading experiences showing you how to apply his methods so you can:

Recognise potential weak-spots within the markets

Understand what causes dramatic price movements and reactions

Manage your positions like a professional and become the trader you would like to be

Modules include:

Video Pack Introduction
Mindset: Key Points Before You Do Anything
Market Awareness: Situations and Market Dynamics
Executing Your Trades, Tips and Tricks
Managing Risk: Doing What’s Right
Morning Routine: Spotting Early Clues
Anticipating Drifting Prices
Additional Indicators External to Betfair
Using Significant Changes to Our Benefit
Trading Tipping Services
Scalping Broken Down
Swing Trading Examples
Multiple Trading Styles
How to Spot Genuine Money
Avoiding and Using Market Manipulation to Your Benefit
Trading Volatile, Erratic Racing Markets
The Market Spoofer
Specific Seasonal Opportunities
Trading the Irish Betting Markets
Backing to Lay Horses
Illiquid Trading on Greyhound Markets
Trading Large Racing Meetings

If you want to see more of Caan in action then head over to our media site where the man himself has his very own dedicated video section with over 100 clips for your viewing pleasure


The Sports Trading Master Class

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Introducing The Sports Trading Master Class

This is a ten year trading experience, condensed into a series of videos to show you how to get started, then improve, then specialise, then succeed. It will involve time, patience, effort, commitment, desire. It will frustrate you, test you, punish you, and reward you.

Here’s a little outline of what to expect from the course….

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is aimed at beginners to sports trading and to those people who want to look at taking their recreational trading activities to a higher level. It is suitable for beginners to intermediate bettors and traders familiar with betting terms and how a betting exchange operates.

The course is primarily horse racing & football focused. We will also touch on other sports as appropriate.

What will you learn?

—Improve your understanding of Betfair sports markets.
—See how I analyse matches and identify trading opportunities.
—How to implement trading strategies
—Examine discipline, money management, and the psychology of trading.
—Look at trading in play and the opportunities that arise.
—How to read racing markets with minimal knowledge.
—The basics of trading software and why you must use it.
—To move you from a hobby to a more serious approach.

What this course is NOT!

—A get rich quick scheme
—An instant route to success.
—Easier than any other normal job.

Course Content

—Common Reasons for Failure
—Research, Analysis
—Do you understand value and probability?
—Strategy , Discipline, and Risk Management
—Trading the Sports Markets and the process involved before getting involved in a market.
—Horse Racing Strategy
—Football Strategy
—Trading Out Strategy
—Money Management
—Knowing Your Sport
—Mental Approach
—Things you must do to succeed
—Unbeatable Favourites
—My exact strategy to scalp horses.
—Trading Techniques Part I
—Trading Techniques Part II

Additional Information

The main training course is split into 12 videos (modules) with a further 10 videos showing live trading in action. On going we will be adding at least one video a month to the live trading section, these videos will be available to you as they become available and will not be shown anywhere else.

For more details on how you can get your hands on a copy of this must have trading product of 2017 then just click below:


Come & Meet (& Copy) A Guru

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You will know by now that at bet72 we are very excited by the revolutionary social investing network, eToro

Want to know why? Well take a look at this for starters…..

See who the best traders are, filter according to 3 month, 6 month and 1 year gain durations and start copying them today!


Front Runner Focus

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Our friends over at Racing Traders now have an excellent daily feature where they highlight the day’s front running horses that can provide Back to Lay opportunities via inplay trading using their excellent BetTrader software

Here is Andy Newton from the site to explain more…. (click here for today’s selections)

Here at Racing Traders we are always on the lookout for angles to help our readers and members when trading so this latest feature — looking at horse racing front runners — is something that might be of interest.

With the introduction of in-running trading some time ago, and the odds feeds from the exchanges getting quicker all the time, then there has been no better time to be a trader.

If you are an experienced trader or just learning the ropes we still feel this info will be of use.

Researching the make-up of certain races can certainly help give you an edge when trading, so one tip is to look back at past form – especially for some of the more-fancied runners in the fields – and record their recent running styles.

If certain horses like to lead in their races and there are no other potential front-runners then there can be some great trading opportunities to be had. Generally, the horses that lead at the start of the race, or break well, will shorten-up in the in-running market – meaning as a trader you can factor this in before the race. If you know there is a strong chance a certain horse will lead in a race then you’ve an angle to place a ‘BACK’ trade just before the off and then trade-out early on in the race at shorter odds. You can then either hedge the profit across all the runners in that race or let the free trade run solely on that horse.

So download a copy of our Sports Trading Software BetTrader and get trading!

Yes, we can’t guarantee this pattern of the odds shortening, or even these horses leading all the time, but what we can do is find out for you potential FRONT-RUNNERS to look out for each day.

We hope it helps!

Note: Whereas every effort will be made to update this page daily there might be some days with no selections listed.

Click here for today’s selections:


Pre Match Trading For Profits

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A cracking video from Adster Pre Match Trading that really encompasses what the whole service is about.

Email dated: 29th August 2016……..


Emo has done the business gain and added Maxbets to Auto pages, just refresh page when on one to bring it up. Maxbets is one of if not the biggest Asian bookies and like SBO is good for showing Asian trends. Just to remind others Pinnacle is best 2-3 hours from kick off right up to kick off and Spreads is best for early bets, night before etc.

With the season only 2 weeks old we have an international break which means lot of lesser games which means less liquidity so please consider using smaller stakes aside the internationals themselves.

Also please remember with PMT subs you also get access to the IPT Inplay Room free where I and other pro traders post their trades and more often we profit. I am usually in Saturday afternoons and Tuesday and Thursday evenings so feel free to come in, sit on the sidelines, observing or contributing and jumping on trades posted, it’s a great place to be with like minded traders.

Good Luck


An over £50 profit before a ball has even been kicked is not something to sniff at, look….

Scalping The 1.5 Goals Market – England v Wales

Profits from the Premiership, Champions League, Internationals, European Leagues, FA Cup, it really makes no difference to the boys & girls over at Pre Match Trading and their excellent software


We now have the full back catalogue of videos from the PMT site over on our media site, GreenUpTV, look….

Pre Match Trading Videos

The team over at Pre Match Trading will show you how to make a profit before a football match starts. Before a ball has been kicked. Before the teams come out of the tunnel. Even the team news has been released?

Here they are with more details….

Our prematch trading tool nicknamed “Shirley” can do exactly that on the trading exchanges like Betfair/Betdaq.

Shirley is a football markets model based on probability theory and statistics.
The software uses prices in liquid markets and calculates relevant prices in secondary markets thus allowing users to spot mispriced events and profit from trading them before the game has started.

After 12 months of testing and tweaking for major leagues and international games we took the decision to give out some tips to the members of trading football for 3 months at the end of the 2011 season. The success, popularity and demand for these tips were key factors in putting this site together and offering the tool to a select few.

Our members will be able to capitalise and take advantage of misaligned prices in markets like the correct score, 1.5 to 3.5 under/overs and other markets.

For ease of use the top 5 most liquid games for the day are calculated automatically.

Due to the increase in numbers on exchanges over bookmakers and so many games and markets from England to Germany, Spain and Italy offering excellent liquidity the tool can be used as little or as often as the subscriber wants. We also feel it will be ideal for the part time trader as the majority of games are evenings and weekends.

With the small matter of the World Cup, Euro Championship and other major competitions the tool can effectively be used for internationals as well as for domestic leagues, thus allowing it to be used all year round. Marvellous!

A high percentage of profitable trades is very achievable if the software is used as per the instructions on the members’ help page.

A better understanding of how football markets are related to each other, ways to trade more than one market and offset profit/loss for an overall green outcome in most games. We have all had losing trades, generally as a rule though most people do not keep screenshots of those losing trades!

Shirley is a scalping tool so profit compared to bank size is not big – please check the screenshots gallery, we used stakes of 100 ~ 500 max. To maximise profits users can recycle their stake money once matched over and over again.

For any questions or if we can assist in any way please use the contact page and we will respond to your query as soon as we possibly can.

We hope you enjoy using this trading tool.

For those that haven’t here is a screenshot. We’ve now added HT markets and graphs. The graphs are BF graphs, (I’ve hovered the mouse on the 1.5 market below) and the HT markets show the prices before KO and not what they will be at HT. Marvellous.

So now everyone can have access to two fantastic services and automated software tools for one low price. You will also benefit from email tips will be sent out to members, plus tutorial videos. Plus here is also an excellent Chat room facility and email support for all members too.

To find out more about how you can get involved with this service (and get the new DI tool for FREE) just click below. You can even get a 14 day trial account for just £20!

Introducing The InPlay Football Trading Scanner

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A few days ago we were invited to trial an innovative new software product designed to give you all the inplay facts & statistics you will ever need to improve your football trading.

Let me hand you over to the boys from InPlay Trading to tell you more….

Welcome to the all new Inplay Stats Scanner.

This brilliant Scanner will save time and effort ensuring more of that precious time is spent on the important task of making money.

How often has time been wasted looking up inplay stats and opening various browsers and about to jump on something that stands out to find Betfair have SUSPENDED and a goal has been scored.

Opportunity gone, profits lost, back to the drawing board.

It’s happened to us all! Very frustrating indeed.

With this tool, however, you will spot instant opportunities in front of you on one page, using just one browser and manage to get on them to lock in profits as the goals fly in the net without the inconvenience of checking other sites in those seconds which can cost you lost £££.

The tool covers those important aspects of a match inplay. Stats include Shots On Target and Off Target, Corners, Possession, and Red Cards which form an integral part of an assessment on a game that you are trading. The Scanner updates all these statistics automatically as the game is played. Inplay. In real time.

The tool shows odds at Kick Off that will give you a comparison of the same market prices at any given time inplay. There are also Betfair graphs and much more.

Example 1

A trader might spot a game with 7 Shots On Target after 15 minutes.

He decides to Back Over 2.5 and 1-1.

Example 2

You see an underdog at home having 66% Possession, 4 Shots On Target, 3 Corners to nil.

You decide to put a small Back on them at odds of 3.5.

Members will also be able to set up the tool as they want to cover their own Strategies.

For example, when a game is 0-0 and the draw hits 2.0 a notification sound will notify the user that a game has reached that trigger allowing the trade to be put on instantly via the Betfair price showing on the Scanner tab. Others might choose to Back Over 2.5 when the price hits 3.0 or Back favourite when they are 1 down.

This tool is a must have addition to the armoury if you’re serious about making money on the betting exchanges. Successful trading is about making correct decisions. It is also about timing.

The Inplay Scanner will help you make those all important decisions and quickly, consequently increase your profit potential.

Here are a few glimpses of the software and what you can do with it….


Scanner Tutorial

Example Games

Fantastic stuff. We have been playing around with the software for the last few days and it is nothing short of genius.

And until the 31st March you can get your hands on the software for 2p, yes that is just 2p as in 2 & pence. So you can see it in action for yourself, test out all the brilliant features and make a few quid at the same time too!

Just had this in from the boys too…

We have now added 7 sample trading tips to the help page within the Members area to give some of you a few ideas on what sort of strategies the tool can be used in conjunction with.

All of these have been used us over the months/years in our regular trading and do very well in general

Plus all people signing up for the 2p trial will qualify for a 15% discount off their first months subscription to the site once the trial period expires. This is an exclusive offer that you can only receive by clicking below…

So don’t delay, get InPlay Trading today….


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