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Grab a drink, settle back and click. Click for a feast of the latest and greatest bookmaker, trading and general profitable videos and broadcasts available on the planet today.

Welcome to GreenUpTV.

Our new sister site to bet72 features all the best online media content from all the leading internet money makers.

At the time of typing, our library has grown to over 1000 strong and is updated daily featuring a massive range of premium content from all of today’s leading profitable online sites & services.

Here’s a selection of the latest content from the site….

  • Trading & Travelling August 14, 2017
    I’m conscious that I don’t want to position this as a lifestyle choice. But one of the reasons that I started trading and doing what I do now is to escape the normal environment most people worked it. I dreamt that eventually I would be able to just up sticks and move to another location […]
  • Examining The ‘Lay The Draw’ Betfair Trading Strategy August 13, 2017
    In this video I use Bet Angel’s specialist profiling tool to examine the classic old ‘lay the draw’ betfair trading strategy. It’s a good way of showing you how Soccer Mystic was designed to be used. You can use it to look at a match and assess any generic strategy, not just lay the draw. […]
  • Bet Angel – Football Markets Quick Tips August 13, 2017
    Now the football season is back in full swing it’s worth re-appraising how you can quickly and easily find all the football matches you are looking for. GreenUpTV have teamed up with BetAngel to give you 14 days free access to the full professional version of the software and the new Bet Angel Trader edition […]
  • Weight of Money Explanation August 11, 2017
    Weight of money is often talked about as each of the trading softwares on Betfair express it (WOM). I’ve tried to simplify it as much as possible for easy learning. For a full, broken down explanation of weight of money check out this link: https://caanberry.com/understanding-weight-of-money-on-betfair/ Catch up with all the latest trading chat with Caan [.. […]
  • Racing Blogger: Trainer Form? Utter Bull$h*t August 9, 2017
    A rare question from somebody outside of trader-world. The Racing Blogger asked a question about trainer form on Twitter earlier this week… Does trainer form have an impact on horse racing odds? I answer and shed a little light from my perspective in this Q & A. Horse racing odds are driven by money Catch […]
  • Simple Explanation: Cross Matching on Betfair August 9, 2017
    Cross matching on Betfair isn’t the simplest subject when you sit down and look at all the numbers, odds and relationships in pricing. here’s a quick summary, explaining the basics! Deeper cross matching explanation here: How Does Cross Matching Work on Betfair? Full Explanation Catch up with all the latest trading chat with Caan on […]
  • Betfair Trading Strategies – Trading A Breakout August 6, 2017
    Here is a trade from this week that is a good illustration of a breakout. The price gets stuck for a while then pings lower. It can work in both directions, but here we are exploiting the fact the market wants to push lower but doesn’t. Peter Webb using Bet Angel Betfair trading software GreenUpTV […]
  • Why Is Trading So Hard? August 6, 2017
    I’ve often mentioned on my Betfair trading videos that I can give a net positive strategy to people and they still lose money. In this video, I explain exactly why that happens and how self-doubt in a position can through you out of a perfectly good trade. But also why this is actually the norm […]
  • David’s OddsMonkey Journey August 3, 2017
    As a self-employed web designer/developer, David found that there were times when he was struggling to pay the bills. He also found himself with a lot of time on his hands. The work wasn’t consistent and he was often waiting for the phone to ring. This was dead times in terms of making money! David […]
  • Tick Charts & Why You May Not Need Them! August 2, 2017
    We often field requests for how to switch on the last traded price charts in Bet Angel. In this video, I show you how to do this and why you may not actually need to do it. I’m not sure I’ve ever actually had a video with them in as I tend to look elsewhere […]
  • Glorious Goodwood August 1, 2017
    This time of year sees the high profile ‘Glorious Goodwood’ racing festival. Betfair trader Peter Webb, discusses this unique course and festival and what you can expect to see during the week ahead. GreenUpTV have teamed up with BetAngel to give you 14 days free access to the full professional version of the software and […]
  • Introducing Oddsmonkey Betfair Integration July 27, 2017
    What is Betfair Integration? We’ve teamed up with exchange giant, Betfair to bring you an integration tool which speeds everything up. Alongside Betfair, we’ve developed the first matched betting tool that means bets can be placed directly at the exchange. Without needing to leave OddsMonkey or even log in to Betfair. Find out more and […]
  • Here’s Oddsmatcher Just Doing It’s Thing Again July 25, 2017
    Bish. Bash. Bosh. Job done & move onto the next offer. Time is money & you will save a shed load with Oddsmatcher in your tool box. Just one of the excellent time saving & money making tools available to all OddsMonkey Come & try them all for yourself today with our exclusive £1 trial […]
  • The Racing Matcher July 24, 2017
    A quick look at Racing Matcher Just one of the excellent time saving tools that come from OddsMonkey Come & try them all for yourself today with our exclusive £1 trial (limited offer)……. Grab Your OddsMonkey Trial and use promo code BET72
  • The Perfect Trader July 23, 2017
    What makes the perfect trader? Peter Webb discusses. Over time I’ve figured out there there are two extremes that create problems for traders. Understanding what these extremes are will help you become a better trader by avoiding the characteristics they exhibit. GreenUpTV have teamed up with BetAngel to give you 14 days free access to […]

So whether it’s bookmakers, professional traders, automated bots, profitable systems and strategies or even a good documentary, there is something for everyone.

So put your feet up and tune in today


Green Up Your August

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Fancy yourself as a bit of a Betfair Trader, well now is the time to show off your Green Screens and win some cash….

Green up your August!

We all know that trading on Betfair is unlike betting anywhere else. You can back or lay your selections live as odds change in real-time, reacting to what’s happening in the event and lock in profits well before the game or race is over.

Then again, knowing cows produce milk and milking a cow are completely different things.

If you already know how to trade on Betfair, you can get a bonus by sharing your success with us on Twitter or Facebook. To do this, upload a screenshot of your green book to Twitter including the hashtag #betfairtraders, or to Facebook as a Public picture mentioning our Facebook profile. You have between the 4th and the 31st of August to upload your green books and you can enter as many times as you want.

So, the more green book screenshots you upload, the more chances you have of winning!

To help you develop your market strategies, we’ve selected three Professional Betfair Traders. And we’ve asked them to show us how they trade on Betfair markets:

Peter Webb

Founder of Bet Angel
Professional Betfair trader for over a decade
Specialises in horseracing, tennis, and soccer
Runs his own trading school, the Betting Exchange Academy

Caan Berry

Geek’s Toy app user
Professional Betfair Trader for 4 years.
Specialises in horseracing, and also trades on tennis
Has been helping other traders online from his blog since 2011.

Steve Howe

Uses Gruss Betting Assistant to automate his bets and guide his trades.
Has been a Professional Betfair Trader for 9 years.
Specialises in motorsports, football, and horseracing.
Runs regular trading webinars and provides insights through his blog

Start trading today, upload your green books to Twitter or Facebook (or both!); remember to use the hashtag #betfairtraders on Twitter and to tag Betfair on Facebook. If any of your green books get selected by the Pro Traders, you will get up to £200 in prizes!

The winners will be chosen by the Pro Traders and a Betfair representative. They will be picked based on the strategy used, the market, and the explanations you provide on Twitter – using the hashtag – or on your Facebook posting. There’s no silver bullet, and you don’t have to play for big stakes to take home the prize. Trade, win, explain and get rewarded for it! Each week we will choose one winner who will take home a £100 bonus and there will be 5 prizes of £20 awarded to the best trades. With a £200 prize for the best trade of the month

For more details just click below:

and you can see even more for these top traders over at our trading media site, Greenuptv.com

Peter Webb

Caan Berry

Steve Howe

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