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Grab a drink, settle back and click. Click for a feast of the latest and greatest bookmaker, trading and general profitable videos and broadcasts available on the planet today.

Welcome to GreenUpTV.

Our new sister site to bet72 features all the best online media content from all the leading internet money makers.

At the time of typing, our library has grown to over 1000 strong and is updated daily featuring a massive range of premium content from all of today’s leading profitable online sites & services.

Here’s a selection of the latest content from the site….

  • Joint Favourites May 24, 2017
    When you have two joint favourites, the logic is simple. If one goes up, one goes down. Just use that logic, and timing to make the market move for you BetTrader, the software featured in this video, is a cutting-edge Betfair sports trading platform displaying live updating Betfair prices in a choice of feature-packed trading […]
  • How Trade and Cash Out on BETDAQ! – Part 3 May 23, 2017
    New to BETDAQ? In part 3 of our 5 part educational series for new customers, Caan takes you through the simple process of placing a trade on BETDAQ and how to Cash Out on the Exchange.
  • Best Football Trade Of The Season! May 21, 2017
    I’ve had to wait till the very last weekend of the season to get my best football trade completed. It was a long trade as well. I started looking seriously at it on the 4th May and it will complete tomorrow the 21st of May. It all revolves around fixture congestion that can occur at […]
  • Observe The Observers May 18, 2017
    More knowledge can be a hindrance when trading. In my quest to become even better at what I do, I understand a lot more about horse racing now. But that knowledge halts right at the door of opinion. The numbers and what I trade rather than my opinion of a horse and it’s ability. Essentially […]
  • Building Confidence With A Simple Trade May 16, 2017
    The video I uploaded last week was quite complex from a decision making perspective so I wanted to balance it out with a much simpler trade. This trade exploits some key characteristics in a market to trade profitable without the chaos of a multiple decision making. GreenUpTV have teamed up with BetAngel to give you […]
  • Backing and Laying Explained – Part 2 May 15, 2017
    In Part 2 of our new educational videos, Caan takes you through Back and Lay Betting and also how to understand Decimals.
  • New to Exchange Betting? Part 1 May 11, 2017
    New to BETDAQ Exchange? In our five part series of educational videos, BETDAQ Customer, Caan Berry will take you through the basics of Peer to Peer Betting on the Exchange and explain Backing and Laying and why the Odds are almost always better than a normal Bookmaker
  • Trade Analysis From This Week May 7, 2017
    Here is an interesting trade from this week. Some markets are dull and un-interesting and the video would be of me trying to find an opportunity or following a trend, but this is a real mixture of things. GreenUpTV have teamed up with BetAngel to give you 14 days free access to the full professional […]
  • When Peter Met Warren Buffett May 6, 2017
    Guineas weekend coincidences with the Berkshire Hathaway AGM so I’m always reminded of my pilgrimage to Omaha to meet Warren Buffett. There are quite a few life stories in there, so I thought it was worth sharing. GreenUpTV have teamed up with BetAngel to give you 14 days free access to the full professional version […]
  • Newmarket Guineas Weekend May 6, 2017
    After a quiet week, excluding Bank Holiday Monday we move into a busy weekend where you may need brownie points to trade the big race on Sunday! GreenUpTV have teamed up with BetAngel to give you 14 days free access to the full professional version of the software and the new Betangel Trader edition too […]
  • How To Win A Random Game Of Chance – The Reveal May 3, 2017
    I promised to do a follow-up on the previous video if there was enough interest. So here is the reveal. In the previous video I dropped in a ton of clues on how it was done. But it didn’t really explain the detail behind it. So in this video, I will reveal how it was […]
  • Detailed Narrative On A Decent Trend Trade April 30, 2017
    I haven’t put up a full blown trade for a little while so one is overdue. This is detailed trade trend trade at Newcastle. The favourite is getting a lot of support and continues to do so. I identify a number of key areas in the trade which I use to add or remove parts […]
  • Dad Dancing & Sandown April 28, 2017
    It’s the Jumps finale this weekend at Sandown and it usually produces some good opportuntities. But I missed it two years ago, but for a very good reason. Even then I managed to find 15 minutes to trade the feature race! Peter Webb, talks about the jump finale at Sandown GreenUpTV have teamed up with […]
  • BTC Stats Software – In Play Toggle And Elo Ratings April 26, 2017
    We’ve added a toggle to the stats software so you can filter out matches that aren’t going in play on Betfair. You can now also filter on our famous and exclusive Elo ratings! Find out more about the brilliant football stats software and how to join over 500 other like minded traders at the Betfair […]
  • Selecting Football Matches To Trade Inplay April 25, 2017
    How we find selections to trade using the In Play Trading site & software For more details on the software then click here: https://goo.gl/HszGwY And if you want to know how you can get hold of a trial membership to the site then just email darren@bet72.com Thanks for watching

So whether it’s bookmakers, professional traders, automated bots, profitable systems and strategies or even a good documentary, there is something for everyone.

So put your feet up and tune in today



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