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As it is Cheltenham Time then thought it would be useful to bring up this old post to show you how you how you can save a few quid by covering multiple horses from multiple offers in the same race….Over to you Darren!

Oh I do love the big meetings

Top class action, loads of liquidity on the exchanges and of course a stack of great offers.

Yes really looking forward to the next few days at Aintree, it’s like a mini Cheltenham out there, look…

All The Latest Horse Racing Offers

And talking of Cheltenham, one of the Frequently Asked Questions that came out of this year’s free-bet-fest was “How can I get on & do multiple offers in the same race when I only have a limited Betfair bank to LAY with”

Yes often people see horse racing offers as prohibitive when there are bigger odds involved that say your usual low priced football markets. And especially where multiple bookmakers will have offers on the same big races, people shy away thinking they cannot play along because of the balance they have in their betting exchange account.

Well actually the reverse is true as if you lay multiple selections in the same market, you will combine your liability within that market and hence bring the overall figure down.

And because we are operating in the same market on the same betting exchange the money is immediately available in your account balance.

Honestly, look……

We lay Flaxxen Flare at 5.9 with £25 with a liability of £122.50, meaning we need that amount in our Betfair account to cover the lay bet

We then lay Irish Saint with £25 at odds of 4.7 (an overall liability of £92.50) but look at the net effect on the market now. We are only liable for £97.50 on our first selection and because we laid Flaxxen Flare for £25 with the first bet our liability is only £67.50 on our 2nd selection, Irish Saint

And if we added a 3rd , Rolling Star £25 at 3.8, a £70 liability

but we now actually have a net market liability of just £72.50 for an original £122.50. This is the liability on our highest price selection Flaxxen Flare. Remember we are using a flat stake here, yet we are still covered in the same way as when we took the first bet.

And that £50 we have in effect freed up will be available immediately in our betting exchange balance so we can use it if required. So you can see how we can potentially get involved with multiple offers in the same race and actually bring our liabilities down meaning we need less in our betting exchange account than if we were just covering the first selection.

This is just an example to prove the point without any commission applied either but you get the idea.

Combining liabilities in this way is especially useful with all the “refund if 2nd” type offers we are seeing much more of nowadays.

Potentially, if we can get a good enough match up in back / lay prices, we can be covering a number of selections and a number of different offers, therefore increasing our chances of getting a refund from one of the bookmakers but with no extra overhead on the betting exchange.

We hit 6 of these from William Hill alone over Cheltenham, for £150 in free bets, and because we were covering other selections in the races for other offers our actual betting exchange bank was not stretched at all.

And of course the best way to pick up all the best match up in prices is with our flagship software, Oddsmatcher Pro and it’s instant live racing odds

Read more here….

Introducing Oddsmatcher Pro

So with so many offers ahead of us at Liverpool over the next few days, let’s get combining and bring those liabilities down. Have a great festival.


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